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One call does it all. I can help save you time from the first phone call through service completion. I provides professional Inspection Services that are individually tailored to meet your requirements. You can place your trust in our reliable services. I can definitely find the right fit for you!



  • Complete Home Inspections
  • Pre-Listing Inspections
  • New Construction Inspection
  • Moisture Analysis Inspections on Stucco Systems
  • EIFS Inspections
  • Synthetic Stucco Inspections


  • Real Stucco Inspections
  • Dryvit Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging Services
  • Architects and Contractors
  • Building Envelope Forensics
  • "Unique" Problems


Complete Home Inspections

Make up the plurality of my business. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, a Complete Home Inspection will inform you of the condition of your real estate interest to allow you to make better informed decisions regarding that interest.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Are becoming more the rule rather than the exception. Having your home inspected before you put it on the market will alert you to potential pitfalls way ahead of time, and could also aid you to more accurately marketing your home.

New Construction Inspections

Are extremely common. There are many common deficiencies that "fall through the cracks". I can inspect a 2 year old house and know if it was previously inspected as new construction or not. It is better to know now, while your contractor is still onsite (and he still owns the house) than to try to find him when your potential buyers present you with a list of defects that were there from the start. "City" Inspectors do not follow any set standard and are emphatically not working for you. I AM.

Moisture Analysis Inspections on Stucco Systems
EIFS Inspections
Synthetic Stucco Inspections
Real Stucco Inspections
Dryvit Inspections

I am an EDI (Exterior Design Institute) certified Stucco Inspector and have been...for over 12 years. EIFS, snthetic stucco, and Dryvit are all terms for the same type of stucco system. I can inspect both EIFS systems and "real" stucco systems to determine if they are functioning within design parameters, as installed.

Thermal Imaging Services

Are available upon request for use by home buyers or sellers during the course of a typical Home Inspection.

Architects and Contractors

Typically use this non invasive, thermal imaging service from time to time to "see" the following:

  • framing within a wall cavity
  • water penetration behind stucco systems
  • moisture on a wall, floor, or ceiling surface
  • overheating circuit breakers, motors, wiring, and related equipment
  • insulation imperfections within wall or ceiling spaces or the lack thereof
  • flat roof leaks
  • verify that concrete has been placed within concrete block cavities
  • air leaks in the building envelope/energy efficiency
Building Envelope Forensics

I am not an engineer, but I love figuring out moisture and moisture-related issues within building envelopes. I am a Certified Building Science Thermographer. I am an EDI certified Stucco Inspector and a Certified Level I Infrared Thermographer. I can pool these certifications with my 19 years of extensive, real-world, hands-on, construction knowledge, my B.S. in Construction, and over 13 years of Home Inspecting to hopefully help you come up with a well-rounded, unbiased probable cause and workable solution to your building envelope moisture issues. (Wood floors buckling, un-explainable mildew, funny smells, a/c cools fine but just doesnt seem to do the job, etc.)

"Unique" Problems........

If you have a unique problem in or around your home, or a problem nobody else can figure out, call me. I often make house calls of this nature for free! Knowledge is power. I become a better inspector when exposed to unique problems.....(but if you want a written report, it's gonna cost you).